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Welcome to Drupal ECA

ECA stands for Events - Conditions - Actions.

It's a Drupal module and has its own project page. This ECA Guide is provided by the ECA maintainers, you can contact them on their user profile on or in the ECA Slack Channel.

The 5 sections of this guide


All about the ECA module, how to install it, important concepts to understand how ECA works and instructions on how to extend ECA.

Important building blocks of ECA are the plugins for events, conditions and actions. Those are contained in their own section for plugins


Modellers are the UI for ECA. They are described in this chapter.


Each event, each condition and each action is available as a plugin. This chapter contains documentation for each of them and how they can be configured.


This is where you can find example ECA models.


A collection of all ECA Videos hosted on PeerTube.

How to contribute

Found a typo? Want to write some chapters for this guide? Have an example model you want to publish? Wrote your own ECA plugins? Or you just want to provide feedback? This is all very welcome. To do so, please create an account in the ECA Guide GitLab and then go to the ECA Guide Project where you can either open an issue or fork the project and then create a merge request.

We use British English in this guide.

Last update: August 7, 2022 15:30:40