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VBO: Form build of Views bulk operation

Available since: 1.0.0

Provided tokens

Token Description
[form] The current form.
Alias: current_form
[form:id] The form ID.
[form:base_id] The form base ID.
[form:operation] The form operation.
[form:mode] The form mode.
[form:triggered] The form field name that triggered the form event.
[form:values:FIELD_NAME] The field value for each of the named fields.
[form:num_errors] The number of form errors.
[event] The event.
[event:view] The view config entity.
[event:view:id] The view ID.
[event:view:display_id] The display ID.
[event:action] The action plugin.
[event:action:plugin] The ID of the action plugin.
[event:action:condig] An array with key value pairs of the configuration of the plugin.
[event] The event.
[event:machine_name] The machine name of the ECA event.
[session_user] The user account that dispatched the event, regardless if ECA is processing models under a different account.


Operation name
Optionally restrict by view ID
Optionally restrict by view display ID