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Tamper: Find replace (multiline)

Available since: 1.0.0

Find and replace text, with multiple search/replacement patterns defined together.


Negate the condition

Negates the condition. Makes TRUE to FALSE and vice versa.

Comparison operator

The available comparison operators like equals or less than.

Comparison type

The type of the comparison.

Case sensitive comparison

Compare the values based on case sensitivity.

Text to find and the replacements

Enter one match per line in the format search|replacement, though the separator can be changed below. The replacements will be processed in order provided above.

Search/replacement value separator

Control the character used to separate the "search" from the "replace" string in the field above. Defaults to "|", to match the value separator used on the Drupal core list fields.

Case sensitive

If checked, "book" will match "book" but not "Book" or "BOOK".

Respect word boundaries

If checked, "book" will match "book" but not "bookcase".

Match whole word/phrase

If checked, then the whole word or phrase will be matched, e.g. "book" will match "book" but not "the book". If this option is selected then "Respect word boundaries" above will be ignored.

Data to be tampered
Data to compare with