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BPMN.iO is a modeller for ECA and is fully integrated into Drupal's administration user interface. It provides a graphical user interface that allows to define models using the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation standard.

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Used components

Library Version
@bpmn-io/element-template-chooser 1.0.0
@bpmn-io/element-templates-validator 0.14.0
@bpmn-io/properties-panel 3.8.0
@camunda/element-templates-json-schema 0.12.1
bpmn-js 13.2.2
bpmn-js-element-templates 1.4.0
bpmn-js-properties-panel 4.0.2
bpmn-moddle 8.0.1
camunda-bpmn-moddle 7.0.1
diagram-js 12.3.0
jquery 3.7.1
min-dash 4.0.0