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Form: add Ajax handler

Enhances an existing form field element with an Ajax handler for refreshing parts of a form without refreshing the whole page.


Field name

The input name of the form field. This is mostly found in the "name" attribute of an <input> form element. This property supports tokens. When this form element got Ajax handling attached, using this element will automatically submit the form. Therefore, you can react upon that with regular form events like Build form, Submit form and when validation is enabled, also Validate form.

Disable validation errors

Enable this option to completely suppress validation errors.

Validate form fields

Machine names of form fields that should be validated. Define multiple values separated with comma. Example: first_name,last_name. When no fields are defined at all and validation is not disabled above, then the whole form will be validated.


The machine name of the form element target to refresh via Ajax. When empty, then the whole form will be refreshed.

Last update: February 5, 2023 15:10:36