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Form field: set options

Defines available options on an existing multi-value selection, radio or checkbox field.


Field name

The input name of the form field. This is mostly found in the "name" attribute of an <input> form element. For submit buttons within content forms: Use "submit" for the labeled "Save" button, and "preview" for the labeled "Preview" button. This property supports tokens.


Can be a comma-separated sequence of key-value pairs (e.g. k1:v1,k2:v2 or a token that holds a list of key-value pairs. Alternatively use YAML syntax to define one key-value pair per line. Example: key1: "value1". When using tokens and YAML altogether, make sure that tokens are wrapped as a string. Example: title: "[node:title]"

Interpret above value as YAML format

When using YAML format to define the options above, this option needs to be enabled.

Last update: August 1, 2023 15:32:39