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Form field: set options

Available since: 1.0.0

Defines available options on an existing multi-value selection, radio or checkbox field.



Can be a comma-separated sequence of key-value pairs (e.g. k1:v1,k2:v2 or a token that holds a list of key-value pairs. Alternatively use YAML syntax to define one key-value pair per line. Example: key1: "value1". When using tokens and YAML altogether, make sure that tokens are wrapped as a string. Example: title: "[node:title]"

Interpret above value as YAML format

When using YAML format to define the options above, this option needs to be enabled.

Field name

The input name of the form field. This is mostly found in the "name" attribute of an <input> form element. For submit buttons within content forms: Use "submit" for the labeled "Save" button, and "preview" for the labeled "Preview" button.
This field supports tokens.