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Cache Raw: write

Available since: 2.0.0

Write a value item into raw cache.


Cache item value

The value to cache.
This field supports tokens.

Interpret above config value as YAML format

Nested data can be set using YAML format, for example mykey: myvalue. When using this format, this option needs to be enabled. When using tokens and YAML altogether, make sure that tokens are wrapped as a string. Example: title: "[node:title]"

Lifetime until expiry

The lifetime in seconds until the cached value is considered invalid. Set to -1 for unlimited lifetime.

Cache tags

Optionally add cache tags for fine-granular cache invalidation. Separate multiple tags with commas. More information about cache tags can be found in the documentation.

Cache backend

When using the "Defined by token" option, make sure there is a token with this name: eca_raw_cache_write_backend

The following cache backends are available:

  • default shared cache
  • runtime in-memory cache
  • chained cache (in-memory plus shared)
Cache key

The cache key is a unique machine name and identifies the cache item.
This field supports tokens.