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Tokens are a core concept.

Describe life-cycle of token data.

How to forward tokens to other events.

Token assumptions

Working with entities and tokens

When an entity related event gets triggered, e.g. Presave content entity, then ECA automatically puts the related entity onto the token stack with the name entity.

This is convenient because you don't have to explicitly tell which entity you're referring to in subsequent conditions or actions, as long as you're working on that triggering entity.

Only if you need to refer to a different entity, e.g. one from an entity reference field, then you have to explicitly put that entity onto the token stack yourself and give it a name. After that, you can refer to that other entity by putting its token name into the field Entity in the respective condition or action.

Likewise, if a process doesn't get triggered by an entity related event, then no entity will be on the token stack by default and you have to care about that in the process yourself.

Last update: June 27, 2022 16:13:00