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Group: add content


Type of group content
Group ID / UUID

The numerical or universally unique ID of the group. This field supports tokens.

Entity ID / UUID

The entity ID. Supports tokens. Leave blank to use the entity this action will operate on.

Group content values

A key-value list of raw field values to set for the Group content. Supports tokens. Set one value per line. Example:
field_mynumber: 1
group_roles: mygroup-myrole1
group_roles: mygroup-myrole2

How to add

Provide the token name of the node that this action should operate with.

See also: Working with entities and tokens

Replace tokens

When enabled, tokens will be replaced before executing the action. Please note: Actions might already take care of replacing tokens on their own. Therefore, use this option only with care and when it makes sense.

Last update: February 5, 2023 15:10:36