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ECA has its own setting to control which level of log messages will be logged. This defaults to error log messages and can be changed at /admin/config/workflow/eca/settings. Change the log level to debug if you want to see all the details of what ECA does do in the background when processing your models.

To access the debug log, there are currently 2 different options available:

Drupal core's dblog module

When the dblog module is enabled, you can go to /admin/config/workflow/eca/log to see all the recent log messages that are related to ECA only.

Devel's webprofiler module

When you have the devel and webprofiler modules installed, you can turn on ECA support for the profiler by going to /admin/config/development/devel/webprofiler and enabling ECA as an active toolbar icon. This will give you an extra ECA icon in the webprofiler's toolbar at the bottom of each page you navigate to. When you click that icon, a report about all the ECA activity for that specific page request will be displayed which contains the same data as with the dblog module, but filtered for that specific page request.

Content of the logs

When ECA's log level is set to debug, the logs contain all the triggered events from all your active ECA models, followed by all the conditions and actions that ECA came along while processing the models. Each decision, whether an event applies or a condition is true will be logged as well as the access control decisions for each action that was due for execution. For each of the steps taken, ECA will also log the content of the token system at the time when a condition or an action was evaluated or executed.

Last update: August 8, 2022 08:49:13