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Delete config

Available since: 1.0.0

Provided tokens

Token Description
[config] The configuration with all current values.
[config_original] The configuration with all original values plus overrides.
[config_name] The name of the configuration.
[event] The event.
[event:machine_name] The machine name of the ECA event.
[session_user] The user account that dispatched the event, regardless if ECA is processing models under a different account.

A Drupal configuration was deleted.


This event provides three tokens:<ul><li><em>"[config:]"</em> to access properties of a configuration</li><li><em>"[config_original:]"</em> to access the original unchanged values</li><li>and <em>"[config_name]"</em> to get the machine name of a configuration (e.g. "")</li></ul>