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Entity: load via reference

Load a single entity that is referenced by an entity from the current scope or by certain properties, and store it as a token.


Name of token

Provide the name of a token that holds the loaded entity.

Load entity from

Loads the entity from the given list and/or properties below.

Entity type

The type of the entity to be loaded.

Entity ID

The ID of the entity to be loaded.

Revision ID

The revision ID of the entity to be loaded.

Property values

A key-value list of raw field values of the entity to load. This will only be used when loading by properties is selected above. Supports tokens and YAML format. Example:
field_mynumber: 1
. When using tokens and YAML altogether, make sure that tokens are wrapped as a string. Example: title: "[node:title]"


The language code of the entity to be loaded.

Load latest revision

Whether loading the latest revision or not.

Load unchanged values

Whether loading the unchanged values of fields or not.

Field name entity reference

The field name of the entity reference. This property supports tokens.


Provide the token name of the entity that this action should operate with.

See also: Tokens being forwarded

Last update: August 1, 2023 15:32:39