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Form: add text field

Available since: 1.0.0

Add a plain text field, textarea or formatted text to the current form in scope.


Field type

List of the available types of the field to be added.
When using the "Defined by token" option, make sure there is a token with this name: eca_form_add_textfield_type

Field name

The field name is a machine name and is used for being identified on form submission. Example: first_name. It can later be accessed via token [current_form:values:first_name].

Field title

The title of the field to be added.

Field description

The description of the field to be added.

Field is required

Whether the added field is required or not.

Default value

The default value if the field is empty.

Element weight

The lower the weight, the submit action appears before other submit actions having a higher weight.